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Risk: 5 considerations SMEs should adopt from large corporations

A new report by The Small Business Institute (SBI) claims that small businesses continue to be as economically fragile as they were over two decades ago, with some 70% of South

INTERVIEW: Surviving the Digital App ocalypse

It has been predicted that by 2025, the mobile industry will have 5.9 billion unique mobile subscribers or 71% of the expected population of the Earth. In a landscape where

Surviving the Digital App ocalypse

The modern smartphone user has an average of 35 mobile applications installed on their devices. However, only 5 of these are used most often, and many of them are removed

Risk reporting: Are you providing the right risk information

Risk reporting is a vehicle for communicating the value that the risk function brings to an organisation. It allows for proactive risk management as organisations identify and escalate issues as

Governing the digital nomads of the future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it a fundamental shift in how we do business. Advances in technology and the increasing digitisation of many roles means that the conventional brick-and-mortar


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Get acquainted with Governance, Risk and Compliance Management topics with CURA’s White Papers, and get to know about the functionalities and features of our solutions to manage risk at an enterprise level.

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