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The Local Enterprise Authority is a statutory organisation established with a mandate of entrepreneurship and business development in Botswana. The LEA creates a co-ordinated ad focused one-stop shop that provides support services to the local industry needs of SMMEs that encompasses training, mentoring, marketing and technology support for product development.

Therefore, a sound risk management solution is vital when navigating the challenges of developing new businesses. In order to achieve their mandate, they require a solution that includes assessment, evaluation, updating, monitoring, tracking, escalation and reporting of identified risks.

In order to successfully regulate the challenges faced, the organisation called upon CURA Software Solutions to create a clear picture of risk across the organisation and ensure that risks are properly monitored and reported to the appropriate authorities. As the nature of the LEA’s mandate is broadly not competitive, the focus is on achieving a practical, easy-to-implement management system to track, monitor and resolve risk areas across the organisation.

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