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Uncertain times require efficient incident management

South Africa is entering a period in which different industries will resume operation in a staggered manner as the coronavirus lockdown is gradually lifted. Companies are encouraged to be extra vigilant of the effects troublesome incidents may have on their performance and survival in uncertain times like these. The Allianz Risk Barometer identified three risks

How effective risk management can help companies grow

Even without a crisis like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, running a business in South Africa’s harsh economic climate is challenging. The ability to adapt to changes around labour, supply, legislation and a host of other operation-related variables is key to the survival and optimal performance of a company. Last-minute adjustments without the appropriate planning or

Is your company safe from cybercrime?

South African enterprise is no stranger to the phenomenon of cybercrime. In light of numerous high-profile data breaches, it is evident that digital espionage is on the rise. In fact, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) estimates that South Africans lose R2.2bn to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually. As cybercriminals are getting

Surviving the Digital App ocalypse

The modern smartphone user has an average of 35 mobile applications installed on their devices. However, only 5 of these are used most often, and many of them are removed after the first use. It seems like a paradox: people are sick of downloading apps, but apps are more popular than ever. It has been

Governing the digital nomads of the future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it a fundamental shift in how we do business. Advances in technology and the increasing digitisation of many roles means that the conventional brick-and-mortar business model is quickly shifting towards a hybrid model of an international corporation with nuances of the exponentially popular gig economy.   Jessica Knight, a

The importance of aggressive opportunity management

Traditionally, risk management practice centres around portraying and communicating potential negative events in any given environment or organisation. However, this approach does not take into account the potential opportunities that the organisation could take advantage of. Though the risk is defined as an uncertain future event or condition that could result in a negative or

Get your start up past the two year mark

Starting a business is a risky business. According to Standard Bank, about 50% of all start-up businesses in South Africa fail within 24 months. By the 10-year mark, the number of successful start-ups dwindles to 9%. Why is this number so low? By Alex Roberts, regional director : sales and operations at Cura Software Solutions