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WEBINAR: Improving the integrity of risk registers and how to aggregate risks

While it is important that we preserve a record the conversations we have about risk, for some organisations the risk register can take on a level of importance that is out of keeping with its real value. In fact, some believe that keeping risk registers fosters a culture of ‘list management’ rather than risk management.

This webinar will consider what we should preserve as the record of conversations we hold about risk. It will discuss the information that must be kept and will suggest that many organisations generate and store other information that is of little real value. Of course, the information that is recorded, whether that be in a spreadsheet or a database system like Cura, must be suitable and should communicate accurately and unambiguously what was discussed and the outcomes.

One thorny problem that is often part of risk register management is how or whether risks should be categorised. Many organisations do this badly and end up with useless and confusing data. On the other hand, if it is done correctly, this can be valuable and can help with ‘rolling up’ and so-called ‘risk aggregation’.

This webinar will discuss:
  • The fundamental differences between risk, risks, risk sources, causes and consequences
  • After a conversation about risk (risk assessment) what information we should record and how
  • How we should check the integrity of the data
  • How we should and should not categorise risks
  • How we can roll-up risk registers and aggregate risks – if you must!

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