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The Benefits of Migrating to Cloud

Out with the old, in with the new. Cloud computing is increasing in popularity as more businesses recognise it as a cost-effective solution. In addition to pricing, a cloud-hosted environment is accompanied by a multitude of other benefits. While hesitation to disturb the comfort zone may still exist in some industries, awareness of the rising

State of Legal 2020: Spotlight on Data Privacy

According to Rian Hancock, Director at Eclipse New Law, data is one of the greatest challenges that compliance professionals come face-to-face with. The growth of technology, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is fast developing with an exponential trajectory, making it difficult to stay ahead of. While improvements in this area lead our businesses to being

Workplace Lessons from COVID 19

COVID-19: It didn’t come without warning. We were made aware of it, but could we have anticipated its potential to rapidly progress and could we have been more adequately prepared to handle the impact of this viral infection on our businesses? It is high priority to contain and take preventive measures against the spread of

Food for Thought: Compliance in Times of Chaos

Since King IV came into effect in 2017, a shift toward an ‘apply and explain’ approach has become a heavy influence on businesses in South Africa. While the King report, since its first début, has always served as a standard for which corporate governance is to be measured against, this change in the report’s most

The Benefits of Good Corporate Governance

Corporate governance, as the term denotes, refers to the way in which a company chooses to govern itself, and is accompanied by a firm set of rules that provide direction and control toward achieving its objectives. Good governance means that your business’s processes are aimed at producing results which meet the needs of society and


A key risk indicator (KRI) is a metric for measuring the likelihood of if an event and its consequence will exceed the organization’s risk appetite. They can be quantified in terms of percentages, numbers, Rand values, time frames etc. The primary role of a KRI is to track trends over a period of time, these

The Top Five Benefits of Electronic Business Continuity Management

Business continuity is joining many other enterprise applications and processes by adopting electronic storage and cloud computing as a means of retaining and maintaining a dynamic corporate continuity platform. Far from the days of static, paper-based business continuity plans stored in an archive that were accessed once per year, electronic continuity plans are always available

Bow Tie Analysis Streamlining Your Risk Assessment Methodology

Risk assessments conducted without a common methodology can cause risk data to be created in an unstructured fashion. This eventually poses challenges when normalizing the way identified risks are measured, managed and mitigated. One way organizations keep their risk assessments focused and structured is through Bow-Tie analysis. Named for how the risk assessment resembles a